Sunday, January 15, 2012

Saturday to Sunday

A review of the last 9 days:

Last Saturday: The first two short-term mission teams of the year arrived on Friday and so on Saturday, we were invited to hang out with one of them at the Project (a team from a Korean church in New Jersey, who has come for the past 3 years).  They played a fun water-balloon game with the kids in the houses and ate a pizza lunch.  It was GREAT to see the love this group of people had for all of the kids: they even had brought an outfit and a brand new pair of shoes for each kid – donated by people in their church.  It was a treat to watch the children receive the bags with their new outfit inside and to watch their expressions as they opened them.  It was like Christmas all over again! I stupidly forgot my camera however and have ZERO photos!

Having two fabulous teams serving selflessly and loving the kids and the people here was such an encouragement to us as a family and a reminder of the great work that God is doing here at the Project.
The teams listening to Steve talk about the Abraham Project.
 Last Sunday: Church, nap, then another little road trip to the same park we went to the weekend before.  Beautiful, gorgeous views and a nice drive through some more rural/small town parts of the country.

Monday: We finally resumed Spanish classes after two weeks off.  We took one week off, and then our teacher was sick for the first week of January, so it was great to get back into things and have something to wake up for.

Tuesday: Spanish in the morning and swimming class for Kate in the pm.

Wednesday: A day of meetings.  It’s our day off from Spanish (our teacher can’t drive into the city on Wednesdays) so we met with Steve Thomas, the lead missionary here, to discuss ways in which we can support him.  We will be helping to improve the website for the Abraham Project and working on the Abraham Project blog, among other things. Afterwards Joe was part of two other business meetings regarding the upcoming construction jobs at the Project, mainly the roof on the new, unfinished Multi-Purpose building.     
This will all be covered by a roof... one day.
That afternoon, we went over to one of the children’s homes to have “cafecitto” with Gabby and Esteban, the tios.  It was a great afternoon of drinking coffee, eating cinnamon bread, and getting to know them better.  And it was all in Spanish people!  Woohoo!  They have such a heart for God and for the children they are parenting in the homes, and it is so inspiring to witness this.

Thursday: Spanish class - all week during class we had been watching the teams sweat as they dug out the dirt below for the new cement floor/field that will be poured.  Again, the blessing and energy that the teams brought was life-giving!  Then in the afternoon we had more swimming.  This class, Kate finally went in the pool without the teacher – with a TON of flotation devices.  She was petrified to leave the edge of the pool by herself at first, but after the buoyant backpack, arm floaties, and two ‘dumbbell’ floaties to hold on to, she figured it out and bouyed herself out to the pool! She was a sight to see with all those floaties! (But I didn't bring my camera!!!)

They are lowering the dirt by 6 inches all the way across - all by pick-axe and wheelbarrow.  No Bobcats here!

Friday: Spanish and a then a nice laid back evening with friends.  We ate a delish Greek salad for dinner.  Yum!

Saturday: Joe went and played basketball for the first time here in Costa Rica.  He had a good time, got to sweat, and even happened upon an organic outdoor market that we are going to go to next weekend!

Sunday: This morning Fernando brought a live mouse into the house… played with it a bit… meanwhile I was screaming like a little girl… and finally Joe chased the live but petrified mouse out of the house with a broom!  That darn cat!!

And then Church… our next hurdle is getting Kate into the Sunday school without crying.  She’s pretty much overcome her aversion to daycare (Thank You Jesus) but now we can’t go to church without one of us having to take her outside to the playground.  So that is our next little project for her – get her used to Sunday school!

Thank you all for reading this little blog and for encouraging us along this journey!

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  1. Thinking of you guys and hope of a great 2012! Love all the pics and stories! xo