Thursday, January 19, 2012

Una Campiona

Kate just finished her third week of swimming.  And my, what a champion-in-the-making she is!  If you read the Saturday to Sunday post from this past weekend, she ventured out into the pool all by herself for the first time - with five floats -  just last week.  Now, just a week later, she is 5 minus 4 floats - just the backpack float on people!

From the balcony
You can see all the floats... this is at the beginning of class.
A few minutes later... no dumbbells.
Muy feliz!
"Patea, patea" - kick kick!
Now with no arm floaties, but with the dumbbells.  She's very concentrated!
Just holding onto little toy rings now...
Sola! Una campiona!

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