Friday, February 3, 2012

North Carolina!

Kate and I have been in North Carolina for the past week visiting my parents.  It's been such a treat to be back 'home' (in the States that is), breath in the cold Carolina winter air, go running on country roads, peruse the aisles of Target wide-eyed with wonder ("wow, that's so cheap... AND cute!), and of course see Kate enjoy her granddaddy and grandmama.  Here are a few pictures from our week.

A tea party!

Uncle Dan (my brother) bought this Darth Vader hat for Kate at Target.  The juxtaposition of her blond curls under the Vader hat is great.

Swingin' at the school park next to my parents' house.

Push me Granddaddy!


First haircut!  Kate's hair was long and beautiful, but it was getting harder and harder to comb out in the morning... time for a first haircut!  She was very patient!

She would squeeze her eyes shut when being spritzed with the water bottle.

 A mini dance party... twirling around in her leotard.


 Modern moves.

We fly back to Costa Rica on Sunday, just in time for a Super Bowl party!  Joe has been ridin' solo in San Jose and so it will be great to see him and get back into our routine of Spanish and daycare and swimming lessons next week.  But we sure are glad to have had this wonderful time visiting with my parents.  Thanks mom and dad for having us!

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