Saturday, August 27, 2011

Craigslist Crazy!

So I think I forget to mention that we actually have plane tickets for Costa Rica now.  After we knew we had rented our house out (last post), had secured the house we wanted in C.R., and were going to start paying rent on October 1st, we quickly realized that we better get our travel plans in order.  I think I also forgot to mention the actual date we have to be out of our house here: September 4th.  Then we will go stay with friends here in Seattle for about a week and a half, and then say goodbye to Seattle on the 16th – yes folks, that’s only 3 weeks away! – and then we drive down to Vancouver.  Needless to say, this timeline is a lot faster than we had anticipated, but it’s all good, and we are finally on our way.  No more what-if’s or when-will-it-all-happen conversations…  And so that brings us to our current phase: crazy packing and crazy Craigslisting!

Joe and I have never really used Craigslist before.  We always just take stuff to the Goodwill and the things that are too expensive to donate we’ve held on to – for way too long.  But now is the time to not only donate our junk but to sell it too and make some cash! It’s crazy how people come out of the woodwork to get a good deal… Here is a list of items we’ve sold:
·      Kate’s basketball hoop - $15
·      Wooden lacing beads - $5
·      Tricycle - $40
·      Clothing rack - $25
·      Ikea chair and ottoman - $25
·      Plastic folding tables - $60 plus something special (ask us in person)
·      My bike - $160
·      Joe’s road bike - $700 (sold to a 20 year old kid who wanted it so bad that he had tears in his eyes when Joe refused his offer of $650 – the asking price was $775… “It’s beautiful,” he said about the bike)
·      Old Target desk I’ve used since college - $20
·      Nikon zoom lens - $75
We also have a window a.c., a PSP (video game thingy), our dirty grill, and a file cabinet still listed and have high hopes of selling those as well.  I mean, I'm sure someone must want them, right? The Craigslist cash will go towards stocking up on a few things before we leave as well as furnishing our house in Costa Rica.

So YEA for Craigslist!!  You are brilliant Craig, whoever you are.  (Was it really started by a guy named Craig?  I have no clue!).

Next on the agenda: make plans with all of our Seattle friends over the next three weeks so we can have one last hoorah and say our goodbyes! September 16th is coming too soon!!!


  1. Glad to hear you had a successful Craig's list experience before the big move!

  2. I would have paid $20 for the basketball hoop!