Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ed... The Most Reliable Neighbor

Well guys, our internet is finally up and running again, after a whole week of it being down.  Countless phone calls were made by our friend Jonathan, who speaks great Spanish, but alas, ICE, the company down here, can't figure out how to get things taken care of pronto. 

Thankfully, we had Ed.  Our neighbor.  Well, we don't really know who he is, but if we really needed internet we could take our computer into the laundry room, where we are closest to our next door neighbors, and borrow Ed's unsecured connection.  At one point during the week, Joe goes, "Ed is the most reliable guy I know here in Costa Rica."  True.

So now that we finally have a regular connection, here are some recent pictures of our life down here, in no particular order.

Kate playing peek-a-boo in the curtains.
A terrific rain storm last week.  I took a video because it was so loud, but it wouldn't load :(
Kate's first day of school.  She no longer is smiling when we drop her off however, and tells us, "I don't like school."  Hopefully she'll come around.
The view from where we take Spanish classes: in the new church building/office spaces.  The dirt below is where the church will be - they still need a huge roof but are trying to come up with funding.
Kate looking out her window to the back patio.
We are taking care of Jason and Kerby's dog (another couple working down here), Jackson.  People think he's very "bravo" (mean/aggressive), but he's the sweetest thing ever.
Down the hill and to the left is our house. 
One of those weird, almond-shaped bugs - I think it's a moth trying to die??  I extracted about 142 of them from the wood paneling and walls one night.  GROSS!
One more thing: it only took a week to have someone come and turn our internet back on.  However, they seem to be really good at coming to our house to turn things off - like the water!  After returning home after Spanish class today, the guard came over to give us a "bill" of sorts and told us that if we didn't pay pronto they would be turning off the water later today.  Or he could have been saying that they already did turn in off, which was probably the case, since shortly after I tried to get a glass of water from the faucet and it dribbled out and then stopped.  The first time we had even heard or seen this bill was literally today... Apparently the owner didn't take care of it, so now, we are "sin agua".  And who knows how long this will take.  Hopefully they will come by tonight or tomorrow!!!!!

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