Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feria Verde - An Organic Market!

We recently discovered an organic outdoor market here in San Jose.  Can I just say that it was a little piece of home?  

I mean, there are vendors selling local, organic fruits and veggies, specialty chocolates, handmade pottery and jewelry, delicious smoothies, and there is even an espresso stand.  Like legit espresso.  Surrounding this "Feria Verde" (Green Market) is a soccer field, a basketball court (where Joe went and played a few weeks ago with some Ticos), and another court where a roller derby team practices (yes, on roller skates, with knee and elbow pads and all!).  And there's even a tiny park where Kate can play.  It's open every Saturday morning and it is becoming our new routine to frequent this wonderful little market full of color and life.


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