Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Surgery Update

I had my surgery to take out my right, infected fallopian tube on March 2nd.  It almost didn’t happen, however, because on Wednesday the 29th (the day after we flew in) we received a message saying that the doctor had thrown out her back and wouldn’t be able to do the pre-op appointment nor the surgery.  We had changed our tickets, spent $450 to do so, booked a non-refundable B&B in Seattle to stay at, and had Joe’s parents take time off and get subs so they could take care of Kate for three days.  The surgery couldn’t be canceled.  The coolest part though was that we were able to stay calm about it instead of freaking out and decided to head up to Seattle anyway, make some phone calls pleading our ‘case’, and just trust that it would work out. 

It did.

A different doctor stepped in at the last minute and squeezed us in for Friday (we found out on Thursday afternoon).  I had my pre-op appointment with him at 8 a.m. Friday morning, and then checked in for surgery at the hospital at noon that same day.

I’ve never been under general anesthesia before, so I was a little nervous about what that would be like, but honestly, we both could feel everyone’s prayers for us throughout the day.  I felt calm and peaceful, even when the Grey’s Anatomy moment arrived and the team of doctors and nurses yanked back the curtain of my pre-op room and seemed to race me down the hall in the hospital bed.  The last thing I remember is the mask going over my mouth.  I was out.

When I was coming to afterwards, the doctor came in, and I have fuzzy memories of his report: the surgery was a success, the left tube is open, and you have a good chance of getting pregnant on your own in the future.  Answer to prayer right there.

I had my post-op appointment yesterday.  For those of you interested in the details, this is where we stand:
·      Right tube successfully removed.
·      There was no cyst in right ovary (at the pre-op appt., the ultrasound showed a possible cyst). 
·      The left tube is totally open and healthy.
·      My incisions have healed up nicely. (Three small incisions were made).  My recovery was smooth and I feel great.
·      I don’t have PCOS.  What looked to be like cysts on the ancient ultrasound machine used by the doctor in Costa Rica are actually just very active blood vessels surrounding the ovaries.  That whole diagnosis was thrown out.
·      We have a very good chance of getting pregnant without any further fertility treatments.

Next step:
·      Finding a new doctor in Costa Rica.  One that we can trust and click with.

We are so relieved to have this step behind us.  Thanks to all of you who sent us emails, checked up on us, prayed for us… It meant the world.


  1. Just praising God!! What an answer to prayer. If you head this way we are all yours:) Love you guys.

  2. What a blessing! Thanks for the update! xo