Thursday, October 25, 2012

Worms, Earthquakes, Dead Birds...

This week in San Jose has meant:
·      Making Dutch Baby pancakes only to find two dead ants floating on the surface.  That wasn’t so bad – we just scooped them out – until Joe spotted another dark spot floating just underneath the surface.  Turns out it was a white little WORM with a black head.  I about gagged and needless to say we threw out the batter and started fresh.  After inspecting the Ziploc bag the flour was in, we found a web of worms making a cozy little home inside.  Yum.

·      Experiencing another earthquake – 6.6 I think it measured.  Since the ‘big one’ we had in September, we’ve felt several others.  This one was strong but slow so it felt a lot like being on a boat on the ocean.  If this happened in Seattle it would be Breaking News… but here, it’s a bi-monthly event.

·      Fernando killing yet another feathered creature.  A couple weeks ago, a bird mistakenly entered our house in the morning and hid out all day, only to be captured and killed in the afternoon by Ferocious Fern. (Kate had alerted me to the bird’s appearance in the a.m. but I forgot about it… and so when we came home in the afternoon Fernando was in the middle of his hunt). This week, I heard a strange meowing and looked over to see Fernie flaunting his newest kill – a poor bird lying on his back with his little legs still flinching.  This seems to be happening on a weekly basis around here now… I’m always finding bird feathers flitting around the floor.

·      Planning a Harvest Party.  I just couldn’t let another Halloween go by without any type of celebration so we are inviting people over for a little get-together next week.  Since there isn’t a Joanne’s or Michael’s craft store here, we are mostly making do with things in our closet for a costume.  Kate will be a crayon.  It’s fun and challenging to ‘go with what you got’ and to have to be a little more creative with what’s around the house.
·       And finally, being 16 weeks pregnant! The baby is about the size of an avocado now.  I am just waiting to feel distinct movement now – one of the best things about being pregnant.  This only gets better and better as the weeks go on.  One of the worst things about pregnancy: trying to find clothes in your closet that fit and don’t make you feel like a tent.  This only gets worse. 

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