Tuesday, October 4, 2011

September Newsletter

October 10th!  It’s official!  We are moving to Costa Rica.  For those of you who have been following our blog, you know that since settling on a departure date for October, we have been busy. 
In August we traveled to Costa Rica to find a place to live and were blessed to find a great house to rent, available October 1st.  So when we returned home we figured we needed to rent out our house as soon as possible.  That made the last weeks of August very busy.  We finished fixing up our house, packed up our stuff, rented out our home, and moved out.  We sold a car, Craigslisted bikes, a bbq, and a basketball hoop among other things, and said goodbye to our favorite places and wonderful friends in Seattle.
There have been several moments during the often stress-filled weeks when we have wondered, “What are we doing?”, and time and time again we have gone back to the reality that we know God has called us to go serve at the
Abraham Project.  Over the past several months people have asked the questions, “Why are you going to Costa Rica? What are you going to be doing?”  These are great questions, and since we sent out our first letter in March we have continued to pray, discuss, and refine what we feel we God is calling us into, while at the same time realizing that even the best laid plans can be changed.  We are going to serve at the Project to do the following: help raise the money needed to build  and run four new children’s homes,  assist in the management of the construction, teach English at the daycare, and be a connection point between individuals, families, churches, and other organizations who want to participate in short-term or long-terms missions.
All this being said, we are humbled and blessed to know that we have your support and that we are not doing this alone. 

Joe, Jennie, and Kate

The last several weeks have been marked by change, travel, and transition, and this will of course continue as we get settled in Costa Rica.  Since we moved out of our house on September 4th, we spent ten days living with friends in Seattle while we tied up loose ends and said our goodbyes.  Then we traveled to visit Jennie’s family in Asheville, NC, which was a much needed break in the midst of the whirlwind of moving.  Now, we are in Vancouver, WA spending time with my family until we depart for Costa Rica on October 10th.
When we arrive in Costa Rica we will spend the first couple of weeks getting our house settled and then Kate will start attending the daycare at the Project three to four mornings a week while Jennie and I take Spanish classes.  Our goal for the first year is to improve our Spanish and acclimate to the culture, while helping where needed around the Project.  We are also excited to work with a few teams from our supporting churches that will be coming to serve, and we would welcome any of you who would like to come stay with us and see the Project!

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