Monday, April 16, 2012

Our First Team!

As I mentioned in the previous post, we hosted our very first team this past week.  Kerby and Jason are the official team leaders this year and are in charge of organizing and working with most all of the 20-some teams that come through the Abraham Project in a year.  But this team was made up of three families from First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue where Joe used to work, so it was only natural that we would ‘host’ them.

The team was made up of six parents and their nine kids and they came for four days to work and serve at the Project.  In addition to the 1,000 count Easter egg hunt they organized on Sunday, they worked on sanding, priming, and painting the metal fence by the children’s homes as well as facilitating crafts with the daycare kids and children’s homes kids.  It was a special treat for us to have people from our hometown come and it was especially gratifying to see how these parents were setting examples for their kids in what it means to serve and give back.  The parents and kids alike have great hearts and were such a blast to hang out with.  

Crafts at La Guardaria (daycare):

Paint the Fence.  Wax on, wax off.  The boys and men, and then later the girls and ladies joined in to help paint this tall metal fence that borders the river behind the Project:

Crafts at the Children's Homes.  One kid (the oldest in the homes) was so into decorating a butterfly with sparkly puff paint that he spent an hour on it!

We took an afternoon trip to the Valley of Orosi with the team on Tuesday, where there is an ancient church.  We also ate at a typical Costa Rican restaurant overlooking the valley:
Our little family.
The three families.
Kate and the kids.
Old Spanish church.  No clue about history. The sign is half gone.
The beautiful view from the restaurant.
There was this weird, tornado-like lighting at dusk.  Beautiful.
At the same time our team was here, there was another big team from Kentucky who helped pour the concrete on the 'cancha', among many other things.  Now the floor/sport's field is finally done!
The grating is laid in preparation for concrete.
Day one.
Day two.
Some of the workers and team-members from Kentucky.
In closing, we were so blessed to meet and get to know these wonderful families from Bellevue.  The Abraham Project was also blessed by their presence and willingness to carve out time out of their lives to come and serve!

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