Thursday, May 3, 2012

May Newsletter

Ministry Update

Many of you have been following our blog and know what we’ve been up to lately.  But we wanted to summarize the past three months and give a recap on what’s happening at the Abraham Project.
·      So far this year, the Project has already hosted thirteen teams, and most of them helped to prepare the floor of the new church building for concrete to be poured.  In early April, the project was finally completed!  

·      Our home church, Bethany Community Church, came down in March to see about partnering with the Project on a long-term basis.  They also brought curtains from Ikea that the children’s homes desperately needed and they even installed them for us!
·      A group of three families from another supporting church, First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue, traveled here in early April with their children and incorporated four days of serving at the Project into their family vacation.  Check out Our First Team post to see pictures.
·      After our trip to the states, we are back in the full swing of Spanish classes again. The language will continue to be our main focus and goal for the next several months.
·      Jonathan and Amy Griffith, the Intern Coordinators, will be working with ten interns who arrive at the end of May, as well as 15 more who come later in the summer. The interns live with Tico families and serve in a variety of ways while they are here, whether it’s supporting teams, working in the daycare, or helping out at the children’s homes.  They are also mentored and discipled by the Griffiths. Two of the interns are coming from Bellevue, WA, so we are excited for that!

Family News
·      As most of you know, we went back to the Northwest for five weeks in March to visit family and friends, and for Jennie to have her laparoscopic surgery.  The surgery was very successful and the recovery was quick.  We wanted to say again how thankful we are for all your support and prayers during this time!  We also want to thank the Berg family, who hosted us for a week in Seattle, as well as my parents, who let us share their bedroom, bathroom, and house for three weeks!  (Okay, we weren't all in the same bedroom, but they gave us their master room... but we did all share one big bathroom!)
·      Shortly after we returned to Costa Rica, Jennie’s parents came down to visit us for a week and we all went to the beach together. It was a wonderful time for all of us, especially for Kate who got to spend lots of time with her Grandmama and Granddaddy.  We are so blessed to have supportive families who take the time to come visit us. 
·      This summer, we look forward to my parents coming for the first time since we moved here.  They will spend a week serving at the Abraham Project, and then we will spend another week traveling together as a family.

Please Pray:
·      For peace and patience for our family as we continue to adjust to a new culture.
·      For wisdom and guidance in raising Kate.
·      For continued discipline and motivation in learning Spanish.
·      For spiritual growth for Jennie and me.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers.  We feel blessed to be here and couldn’t do it without support!

Check Out:
·      The Abraham Project Blog at for more information/details on the children’s homes, teams, adoptions and more!

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