Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Feliz Cumpleaños A Kate!

It’s hard to believe that three years ago little Kate came into our world.  She has changed our lives beyond words and brought us immeasurable joy.  (Okay, and a few challenges as well.)  But we’re focusing on the JOY today as we celebrate her third birthday! 

We had a mini-birthday fiesta for her this weekend, where she enjoyed playing at a little play place up the road from us with her friends Caia and Isaac.  Then back at home, we ordered pizza, ate cupcakes and ice-cream, and enjoyed watching her open a few gifts. 

Today is her actual birthday.  It’s a pretty normal day: school, nap, swimming, but then we will head to McDonald’s for dinner  - she told us she wanted to go to a “fancy restaurant”.  I guess McDonald’s is pretty fancy to her…  After, we’ll eat some chocolate cake at a little coffee place called Kafe Haus, and then come home to open up a couple more gifts.  Happy Birthday Kate!

Here are some photos from Saturday’s event:
Inside an old school bus.
Blow up slide.  Aka Double Raceway.

Driving the bus.
Walking back home.  BFFs.
The princess birthday girl.  She decided to put this on all on her own.
Listening to our wonderful chorus of Happy Birthday.
Is this not the cutest shot of her blowing out the candles?

She received a giant Elmo "I Spy" type of book from Caia.  It's her new obsession.
Giving Isaac a hug after opening their presents.
The birthday bliss of a three-year old.

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