Tuesday, September 25, 2012

North Carolina

We just spent a wonderful week visiting my parents in North Carolina.  They originally were going to come visit us here in early September but we changed our plans and ended up going there instead.  It was a perfect little get-a-way and we basically ate our way through the week (it's crazy the foods and restaurants you crave/miss when you live out of the country).

The requested restaurant list included: Cracker Barrel (for those of you who have never visited the South, it's a chain restaurant specializing in good ol' Southern food); 12 Bones BBQ (President Obama frequents this amazing BBQ joint when in Asheville; you may not like him or his policies, but you can't argue with the Blueberry Chipotle ribs); a brew pub in downtown called The Lab; Salsa's, a unique Mexican restaurant; Thai Spice; Bocelli's Italian...

All this eating got a little ridiculous, but man, was it good.

Besides loving all that food, Kate enjoyed being with her grandparents and we enjoyed having some free baby-sitting and some dates.  Here are some other highlights of our trip:

Swinging on the 100 year old family porch swing with Granddaddy.
Playing at the park...

Jone's Cove - a lovely country road where we walked one pretty afternoon.
A Jone's Cove cow...
Artist in the making.
Painter's pose.
Raspberry fingers.
I wish I could have a bowl of this delicious fruit salad right now.  Fresh berries, sweet peaches: the stuff you just can't get in CR!
More berry craziness.
All of us got haircuts, including Miss Kate.
Grandmama, mama, and Kate.

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