Sunday, November 4, 2012


I haven't really been too homesick lately.  Our year anniversary of living here has come and gone and I will say that since about September life has just 'clicked' a little more here as we become more and more accustomed and comfortable.

But I have been dogsick - that is I've really missed our dog Dawson.  Joe has too.  Some of you know that originally we planned on bringing him down here.  Joe's parents were going to take care of him for 6 months and then we were going to 'ship' him down on the airplane on our trip last March.  But after doing some research about the risks of air travel for dogs, and in the midst of lots of other circumstances, we decided against it.  The Westfalls have been a tremendous blessing in taking care of him for us (amongst doing a host of other things for us, including sorting our mail...).  He's still in the family, being loved and taken care of, but it doesn't take away the fact that our family has never felt quite 'complete' without him here. We miss walking him, petting him, playing with him, and dressing him up in weird things. At least we have Fernando the Latino cat here, who continues to be quite the hunter (see below).

We still have this wild one with us... here he is a few years ago, donning a Starbuck's gift card 'glove'.
What is this you might ask? Look below for a closer view.  This was fresh out of our cat's mouth this morning!!
Kate yells from the living room, "Mommy! Daddy! Fernando has something big by his head!"
Thank God for a man in the house.  I just think I would die having to scoop up a 7 inch rat!!

So, yeah. We don't have Dawson with us, but at least we Rat Killer Numero Uno.

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