Monday, November 12, 2012

It's A...

Today was the big day where we got to find out if we were going to add a son to our family or another daughter. For Kate, the question was little sister or little brother. She of course was convinced that she was going to have a sister.  I was pretty convinced it was a girl too, but mainly because that is what I know already.  I honestly had no clue.

We had big plans to drop Kate off at daycare this morning and go to the appointment alone.  We would find out the sex during the ultrasound, go pick her up, and then take her out to lunch to reveal whether it was a baby brother or baby sister.

However, our plans were completely foiled when she came down with some flu/stomach bug yesterday: she was up all night throwing up, which meant we couldn’t take her to school of course, which meant she had to come with us to the doctor.  Rule #1 of parenthood: Thy must be flexible!

So. No more beating around the bush. We all went in to the doctor’s office, I asked a few questions (all in Spanish which is honestly a little nerve-wracking), and then we did the ultrasound.  Right away, we saw two little legs and a, well, just see below!

The gender is so obvious that the ultrasound picture is almost inappropriate!! Needless to say, we will be having a boy! No doubts in that department. Everything looks healthy and on track so far (except my weight gain, apparently – I’ve gained too much according to the doctor – which was a little disappointing, but what am to do?) Anyway, we are very excited.  Thank you for your continued prayers for this baby and this pregnancy!

Next goal: find a good boy name. (We have very few options at this point! All our favorite names are already taken or are our brothers/brother in law).


  1. Oh my goodness, I am beyond thrilled for you guys. So exciting. Congrats, what a beautiful little miracle!

  2. Yay!!! Baby boy Westfall!! Or as Ryan is calling him, Ryan Westfall. Congrats you guys!

  3. Holy Cow! Congrats! Why am I jus reading this?! That is THRILLING. Please, please, please move back home. I'll give you a TON of hand-me-downs and lots of good boy advice ;) Tell Joe I said congrats and hug little Kate for me please. I lova lova you!