Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Recap of the Last Week: The deck, a memorial, and departure to Costa Rica

I was hoping to do another post earlier this week, but time just keeps getting away from me.  It’s been a busy week.  So this might be a little long. And the formatting is off - too tired to fix it.
Last Sunday: First, after we returned home from the Bergs’ cabin last weekend we did some serious deck maintenance during Kate’s nap.  We cleaned, scrubbed, and power washed it to prep it for re-staining (or painting, as you will see).  We went up to Lowe’s on Sunday evening and picked out some “stain”.  (We wanted to make sure it would cover all the various shades of wood, so we chose opaque – not exactly a first choice).  We even got to painting some of it on that night.

Monday: It rained.  Of course.  On the new paint/stain.  It didn’t matter though - it stuck thankfully. Here's a picture of our awesome July weather we've been having more often than I'd like. 

Tuesday: We drove down to Vancouver for a memorial service for a friend’s dad who died recently from Lymphoma.  We’ve known our friend since high school (he was Joe’s best friend back in the day) and his parents were known for their hospitality and having “the-door’s-always-open” type of home.  A lot of us in high school spent quite a bit of time at their house, so we knew our friend’s dad better than most dads.  He died too young and too early, leaving behind grieving friends and family.  Needless to say, it was an emotional day. 

On the bright side, we were able to see some of our high school friends, also at the service, whom we haven’t seen in quite awhile.  I don’t know why we don’t go down to Vancouver more often because these friends are special.  There’s something to say about history with friends.  We’ve known all of them since junior high or before.  (For those of you who don’t know, Joe and I met at Wy’East Junior High. Yep, when were 12).  So for both of us, it’s awesome to sit around a table with a group of people who you’ve known forever.  It makes me wish I lived there.  Oh – and one more thing about our high school friends.  I was struck after catching up with a few of them at how grounded, successful, and truly remarkable each person has become as an adult.  You don’t find that every day with the friends you went to high school with.  So even though we met under sad circumstances, it was great to reconnect with good friends.

We drove home that same night and got home at midnight.
James and Nat
Joe (looking at Eryn), Scott, and Zach.  Went to elementary with Zach and he used to drive me to high school every day since I had no car!
Katie (Zach's wife, expecting baby #1), Eryn (expecting baby #3), me, Nat

Wednesday: Don’t remember much.  Oh, kind of important: it was our ten- year anniversary.  Seriously, I wrote that first sentence in all sincerity.  The week is already blurring together, and it shows you that our priorities are a little upside down lately. But Joe and I did carve out some time to talk and exchange cards and gifts.  Can you believe it? Ten years! 
Thursday: Kate went to our wonderful babysitter’s house and I stained, I mean painted, the deck.  It turned out okay, but there are these weird purple/red undertones.  And there’s nothing like the look of painted wood.  Oh well.  Do your best.  Forget the rest.  (For all you P90X-ers out there).
Fernando on the back deck - just had to put this on here because he's such a dork.
Me multi-tasking: eating cereal and hammering down nails.  Thank goodness the weather turned around, btw.
Dawson and the new deck paint.  We still have to paint all the railings and that hideous "privacy" fence that was there for the hot tub.  That's the project for this week.
Friday: Joe packed for Costa Rica, I got ready for my mom to come, don’t remember the rest.
Saturday: My mom arrived.  She watched Kate while Joe and I went out for an anniversary date in the afternoon.  We enjoyed restaurant hopping at three different spots on old Ballard Ave. (Oh how I’ll miss Ballard).  Then Joe left with his team from First Pres to go to Costa Rica.  Here is a picture of all of our bags in the church van (ok, they are not all ours – there were probably 8-10 that were donations for Abraham Project; we took 7).

The bags.
Sunday: Here we are again.  A new week.  Joe, team, and bags all made it safe and sound to Costa Rica on a red-eye flight last night.  I will take the same flight next Saturday.  I will post some pictures from Joe’s trip as soon as he emails some.

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