Monday, July 25, 2011

Time for play in the midst of packing…

 Even though we are busy doing home improvement projects and packing up our house, we are trying to enjoy our last few months here in Seattle as much as possible, playing outside when the weather cooperates and hanging out with good friends as much as possible.  With a two year-old in the house we are forced to take time out from our to-do list and actually get outside and enjoy life.  Kate provides us with plenty of pleasurable diversions.
This past week, we were lucky enough to have some sunshine and Kate and I headed out to the “cark” or park as the rest of us call it.  I especially love going to Golden Gardens, which is right on the Puget Sound, because there is a tiny park for Kate to play at and then we can head to the beach and play in the sand, seaweed and wonderful smelling salt water.  In the midst of packing our giant-sized REI duffle bags last week, it was a perfect break for me and most enjoyable for K.

Then we were invited to spend the weekend with our dear friends the Bergs at their “cabin” in Cle Elum.  We don’t see them as much as we’d like, but Tina and Robbie have been friends of ours for years.  They’ve walked with us through some hard times, and they’re the type of friends where everything just clicks and is easy.  We have a ton in common and our conversations can be fun and light or quite serious and deep.  So we were blessed to spend two days with them and their two boys, Asher and Isaac.  The added bonus was of course we were away from the city and away from our getting-ready-to-move agenda.  Great friends + cool log cabin in the woods = a perfect get-away.  Thank you Bergs for your hospitality and friendship!!  Here are a few pictures (forgot to actually take one of the “cabin” which is really a very lovely house made out of logs).
Tina and baby Isaac on the deck.
Asher helping his dad on the 4-wheeler.
Yes, we did go 4-wheeling... Kate was obsessed!
The dads took the big kids out while Tina and I got to visit...

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