Sunday, July 10, 2011

D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself)

It’s time to move on to a much lighter note from the last several posts (Night Waking stuff).  Now that many of the variables that were keeping our date of departure at bay have resolved themselves (Kate’s speech, insurance, etc.) we have finally decided on a date to move!  Drum roll please…..
October 1st! (-ish)
This feels extremely exciting after months of wanting a date but just not being able to nail one down (a lesson in waiting and being patient – enough for another post…), but it’s also extremely crazy because that means we are, well, actually movingSoon.
Which puts us in major crunch-time mode.  The first order of business is getting our house ready to rent.  So the game plan for July is go crazy on D.I.Y. projects.  These include:
1)   Paint new porch stairs
2)   Sand, prime, and paint front porch
3)   Refinish back deck
4)   Paint lots of miscellaneous things inside (rooms, trim, etc)
5)   Refinish giant hole/patch in front room ceiling (it’s been there for 3 yrs after the ceiling fell out randomly while we were on vacation)
6)   Many more things, including a few we probably aren’t even aware of

We currently are working on the front porch.  Here are a few pictures of that, and the other upcoming projects.
 The new front steps that Joe's brother Andy constructed for us all the way back in January.  The siding is painted now, but we still need to paint the rises and do some touch ups.

The front porch.  Many good summer nights have been spent out here.  This is half-way through the project: puttied and sanded, but not yet painted.on

The patch in our ceiling, right as you walk in the front door.  It was down to just the lath for at least a year after it happened; we finally drywalled it, but never finish sanding or painting it!

The big, but ugly, back deck... with Dawson hanging out.

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