Sunday, June 26, 2011

Night Waking Worry #2: Insurance Woes

I know that the topic of insurance can certainly seem dry and boring to write about.  And it’s true, it’s not very exciting.  But it’s amazing how something so mundane can actually be very important, especially when you’re no longer working, you’re insurance runs out soon, you’re moving to another country, and most importantly you want to have more kids.   So this worry was one that was keeping me up for weeks:
We want to have another baby.  But we have this ‘gap’ in our medical insurance next spring, when my COBRA insurance runs out and our missionary insurance doesn’t start until 6 weeks later.  (You have to be on this insurance for 12 months before any maternity care is covered, so we’re in this waiting period now).  Real poor planning on our part.  Not sure what happened there.  So that means I can’t have a baby during that gap.  So the plan was: don’t get pregnant this summer…
But then in the middle of the night, I realized that even if I’m not due during those few weeks, I most certainly hope to be pregnant by next spring… which means I will need some type of insurance.  Unless we want to pay for everything out of pocket.  Awesome.
Mental note in middle of night: must talk to Joe about this new dilemma.  We can’t run the risk of being pregnant, being in another country, and having ZERO insurance for 6 weeks. 

Update: So after discussing this issue for the ump-teenth time with Joe (over the past several months), we finally got our act together, did more research, and figured out we can switch plans without having a to have a waiting period for maternity care, etc.  We are in the process of applying for new insurance and hopefully it will be approved in the next few weeks.  Problem solved – hopefully.

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